Our Mission

Mission Statement

“To transform the public perception of the used car industry into one of an honest, positive profession.”

“To work positively as a team to achieve our vision by treating every customer with respect and care. We will listen to their needs and strive to provide them with the best product we can find. We will be transparent and provide the customer with all the information we have. We will make every effort to make sure all of our vehicles are safe, reliable and affordable.”

At Foster Auto we believe in:

Self-Improvement: By constantly learning & providing guidance to one another, striving to be positive in our outlook.

Gratitude: To one another as well as our customers and vendors for all their help and a job well done.

Communication: We will communicate in a transparent, caring, consistent and honest manner to our customers and to one another.

Supporting & Valuing: One another and our community. We will work co-operatively to provide the best experience for our customers.

Pride of Ownership: Believing in ourselves and our company. We will display honesty in all our dealings and have the company’s and the customer’s best interests at heart.

Excellence: Providing the best product, the best experience and the best service that we can by going that “extra mile.”